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    Odds, or bookmaker quotes, is the main term in sports betting that reflects the likelihood of a particular event. The bookmaker’s profit depends on the correct formation of the odds in order to stay in positive territory for any outcome of the match.

    The principle of creating a coefficient on betway esports review. The main task of the Bookmaker is to always make a profit. The bookmaker’s analysts calculate quotes for the event as a whole and for individual outcomes, based on the real probability and pledging a margin that provides the bookmaker with income.

    Let’s use the coin example to get the point. The probability of each side falling out is 50%. Let’s say you bet 100 on tails, and your friend bets the same amount on heads. With no margin, the winner will receive 200, that is, the odds are 2.0. In such conditions, not a single office can exist, so quotes are obtained not 2.0-2.0, but 1.95-1.95, depending on the margin value. And now, if you win, you will be paid 195., and the remaining 5. will go to the office’s treasury.

    How is the coefficient formed? The coefficient shows the probability of the outcome according to the bookmaker’s analysts. Ideally, the probability is one or 100%. It is calculated using the formula k = 1 / p, where k is the coefficient and p is the probability (from 0 to 1). For example, if the odds of an even score in basketball are 50%, then the formula will display the value as 0.5.

    An analyst or a special department of a bookmaker thoroughly studies the event, disassembles statistics, applies the theory of probability, listens to the opinion of experts and, based on all the information, decides that the first team will win. When forming quotes, specialists are based on real chances of an outcome.

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